Amillarah Private Islands are self-sufficient, scarless developments with the latest state-of-the-art green technology, which keeps their environmental impact at a minimum.

Completely stable on the water, the base of the island is built to last for far over 100 years and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life. 

Amillarah Private Islands are part of a new trend in which luxury and quality will be combined with a scarless approach. Living with the water creates sustainable long term solutions which are green and have zero impact on the environment as each Private Islands is completely self-sufficient and equipped with state—of-the-art green utility technology.

Amillarah Private Islands has teamed up with the Ocean Futures Society, established by Jean-Michel Cousteau, in order to investigate new and better ways to enhance the reaction of artificial reefs below the islands and to create new habitats.

Protect the Ocean, and you protect yourself

Jean-Michel Cousteau