A prime piece of ultra-luxury

Connected to the Inter Coastal and the Ocean, a 175 acre Lake will be the scene of the first Amillarah Private Islands in the United States.

30 Amillarah Private Islands and a VIP amenity island will service the rich and famous of the Miami Jet set scene to their royal needs.

Private boat service, butlers and a well-trained island staff ensure a luscious stay at one of the world’s most talked about developments in recent decades. Miami will have 30 exclusive Amillarah Private Islands surrounded by the upscale nightlife, restaurants , shopping and entertainment this magnet for the rich has to offer.

Owning a prime piece of ultra-luxury real estate on a private lake has never been shown before and will start a trend on the US market. Amillarah will become a house hold name for only the few that can climb to this unmatched level of style, class, luxury, comfort and service.